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Introducing Kauniste from Finland, brining fresh elements to the Shupatto Family.

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Foldable Tote Bags and Travel Bags Re-Defined!

Shupatto offers a range of innovative ‘one-pull’ foldable compact shopping tote bags & travel bags.
Award winning design fashion bags, to be kept at close reach for your everyday needs.




What our fans say about Shupatto

Pocketable! Definitely

I love this wee bag - I have all the sizes available (and purchased them also for my sisters and mum for presents) and the wee pocketable size is currently my favourite! If I need to just get a couple of items, I generally walk to the supermarket, so its easy to hold this bag all folded up on my way to the shop, and then I can always fit more into it than I expected.... who ever only gets just the items they want at the supermarket? I always come out with more!

Anna Dunwoodie

Perfect bag

The perfect size to fit in my handbag and carry around. The design is so nice and the material is very durable. It's easy to fold up and the strap is the appropriate length to look really good.

Joanne Quach

I'm raving about these bags!

These are the best!
I bought one when I was in Japan a few years ago, and when I saw you had them for sale, I bought 3!
This review is for the smaller one, the "Arare, Roasted Mochi!) It is the perfect bag to keep in your purse always. It's the size, when full, of a good lunch :). I'm always amazed how much fits in it. And, I really love the print!

Claire Butler

Size is perfect for weekly groceries

This is a great size for people who do weekly groceries. I usually keep one in my purse in case I need to buy anything.

V Lau

Great bag, beautiful design

Love this bag - so easy to fold and store, and it holds so much!

Glenn Christensen

Awesome - I’ve shown so many people!

So easy to use and put away. A great size for a quick trip to the shops

Emily Byrne

Fantastic bag!

This is my 3rd Shupatto bag and I wish I had known about them sooner. It really is a Mary Poppins bag! Can’t believe how much I can fit in them 😍

Kellie Beaumont
MARANA Shupatto

Shupatto compact bags are originated from Japan, designed by MARNA, whose goal is to bring a smile to your everyday life, to the community and to the world.

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