Collection: Japan Style

Shupatto Japan Collection

Inspired by the unique and beautiful Japan culture, the Japan Collection includes 4 iconic Japanese patterns:  

ASANOHA (Lead Motif) is a Japanese traditional pattern of hemp leaves. The plant has strong vitality and thrives without the need for a lot of care, so the Japanese see hope in the design that babies and children grow up big and strong.

OUGI (Traditional Hand Fan) is the beautiful pattern of OUGI - the oldest style of a Japanese folding hand fan. It is usually made from thin slats of cypress wood stitched together with silk thread.

MARI (Toy Ball) is designed with TEMARI balls that were gifted to children on New Year's day to wish for children's happiness. In modern Japan, TEMARI symbolizes both New Year and youth.

SAKURA (Cherry Blossom) represents Yozakura - the magical scenery of night-time cherry blossom viewing. Sakura is a central motif in the Japanese worship of nature.