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Shupatto NZ

Shupatto Original Medium

Shupatto Original Medium

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Shupatto Tote Bag is to be carried with you day in and day out, it will fit almost anywhere with it's compact design.

The medium size tote bag is for all your essentials, creates an easy and smooth shopping experience.

Simply shake the tote bag open whenever you need it.

With the Pull+Roll action, Shupatto tote bag packs away like magic, farewell to sorting 100s of eco bags in your car boot.

Try it today! Save time, enjoy life.

Why is Shupatto tote bag so special?

• Shupatto tote bags stays clean

◦ Water resistant material

◦ Quick drying

◦ Machine washable

• Shupatto tote bags are long lasting:

◦ The medium size holds up to 5kg

◦ Strong material that doesn't break away

• Shupatto tote bags are convenient, suitable for:

◦ Shopping

◦ Travel

◦ Swimming

◦ Sports events

Bag/Polyester Fibre
Handle/ Polypropylene
 Button / Polypropylene
Carrying Capacity:
14.5L // 5kg (Max)
Product Measurement:

Approx. 32×32cm(When fully opened)

Approx. 6×8cm(When folded)

※Fully opened size may vary depends on the carrying content.

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Frequently asked questions

How to wash a Shupatto Bag?

Shupatto bags are machine washable, it is recomoneded to use a laundry bag when washing and wash with similar colored items.

Can I use drying machine for Shupatto Bags?

No. Shupatto bags are made of easy and fast drying materials, and tend to dry quickly under natrual conidtion. Please do not use drying machine to avoid potential change of shape.

Are the bags water proof?

Shupatto Bags are water resistent only. Water droplets tend to bounse off however it is not desigined to be copletely water proof