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Shupatto NZ

Shupatto Japan Collection

Shupatto Japan Collection

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Shupatto Japan Collection

ASANOHA (Lead Motif) from Shupatto Japan Collection is a Japanese traditional pattern of hemp leaves. The plant has strong vitality and thrives without the need for a lot of care, so the Japanese see hope in the design that babies and children grow up big and strong.

OUGI (Traditional Hand Fan) from Shupatto Japan Collection is the beautiful pattern of OUGI - the oldest style of a Japanese folding hand fan. It is usually made from thin slats of cypress wood stitched together with silk thread.

MARI (Toy Ball) from Shupatto Japan Collection is designed with TEMARI balls that were gifted to children on New Year's day to wish for children's happiness. In modern Japan, TEMARI symbolizes both New Year and youth.

SAKURA (Cherry Blossom) from Shupatto Japan Collection represents Yozakura - the magical scenery of night-time cherry blossom viewing. Sakura is a central motif in the Japanese worship of nature.

Folds down in a second!

Shupatto is the innovative "One-Pull" foldable bag designed in Japan.

It is cleverly designed with accordion pleats enabling the bag to expand into a big and roomy piece while instantly closing flat by just pulling both ends of the bag.

Shupatto Medium size is the ideal shopping bag for everyday use. Also, helpful in carrying your cake or anything similar that comes with a bulky, square box.

It is made to be carried the day in and day out, and its tiny shape, when not in use, allows it to fit practically any place.

The bag folds down neatly and quickly in a second like magic - just one-pull and roll!

Saves time and space, and say goodbye to a single-use plastic bag!


Carrying Capacity:
15L / 5kg

Approx. 35 × 30cm (When fully opened)
Approx. 8 x 6cm (When folded)

*Fully opened size may vary depending on the carrying content.

Machine-washable (Max temp: 40degrees C)
The accordion pleats endure machine washing over 100 times, and still fold down in a second, ensuring a long-lasting product.
Reusable / Foldable
Compact and lightweight
Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 & reddot award 2016

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Frequently asked questions

How to wash a Shupatto Bag?

Shupatto bags are machine washable, it is recomoneded to use a laundry bag when washing and wash with similar colored items.

Can I use drying machine for Shupatto Bags?

No. Shupatto bags are made of easy and fast drying materials, and tend to dry quickly under natrual conidtion. Please do not use drying machine to avoid potential change of shape.

Are the bags water proof?

Shupatto Bags are water resistent only. Water droplets tend to bounse off however it is not desigined to be copletely water proof